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My colleagues and I look forward to being a strong voice for South Australia. We're all about taking a common sense approach to issues and not being driven by political ideologies.

We believe that government and elected members should be there for the people, and not their own self interests.

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Australia is a prosperous country built on the contribution of older Australians. Our ageing population deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. 

Local Government

Local government plays a necessary and important role in Australia's system of government but it must do so in an efficient and effective manner. 

We must ensure that local government is fully accountable to the public, that services aren't duplicated at other levels of government, and that these services are delivered quickly and efficiently.

Small Business

As Australia's largest employing sector, small business makes a significant contribution to Australia's economy. 

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Tourism is growing three times faster than the Australian economy, and every tourist dollar generates 87 cents in other parts of the economy. 

South Australia must continue to strive to meet its tourism targets, and ensure that it increases its share of national visitors. We must also refocus tourism and the arts to contribute to the vibrancy of regional Australia.

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Nick Xenophon confirms he is British overseas citizen

registrarjournal.com - August 20, 2017

Mr Darley has departed from Nick Xenophon Team and has also resigned from the SA Best party, which is the brand under which Nick Xenophon candidates will run in the upcoming state election in March, 2018. "I'm getting text messages from journalists ...

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Nick Xenophon says political rivals 'trying to knock me off'

The Australian - August 20, 2017

But he promised Nick Xenophon Team lower house MP Rebekha Sharkie would not deny the government confidence and supply due to the issue — despite Ms Sharkie reportedly saying the opposite on Friday. “Our position, Rebekha's position, those of my ...and more »

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Nick Xenophon confirms British citizenship

Sky News Australia - August 20, 2017

The leader of the Nick Xenophon Team confirmed on Saturday that the UK home office has clarified that he is considered a 'British Cverseas Citizen'. 'Overnight I have received advice from the UK Home Office that they consider I am a British overseas ...and more »

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Sunday Mail Editorial, August 20, 2017: As Aussie as a Brit, a Kiwi – or a politician

The Advertiser - August 20, 2017

But, with the confirmation yesterday that Senator Nick Xenophon is regarded as a British citizen, it would appear that the net cast by S44 is becoming increasingly wide. Senator Xenophon was born in Adelaide in 1959 but his father was born in Cyprus.and more »

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Nick Xenophon confirms he is British overseas citizen

HiTechFacts - August 20, 2017

Senator Xenophon said the issue was becoming a "train wreck" and required a citizenship audit of all members and senators. "I never contemplated that I could have been a British colonial citizen, and that is why I didn't go through an act of ...and more »

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Citizenship hearing probably October: govt

Yahoo7 News - August 20, 2017

Senator Nick Xenophon, the latest Australian politician caught up in the dual-citizenship scandal, has described it as a "festering farce" and attacked his opponents for spending hours trying to knock him off. The crossbench senator revealed he was a ...and more »

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Annual SA Variety Bash raises $460000 for charity

The Advertiser - August 20, 2017

“The Bash is a week of fun which is a reward for a year of fundraising for South Australian kids in need,” event chairman Brenton Ramsey said. “Not only do our Bashers work hard raising money, they also pay to come on the event so that all the funds ...and more »

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SA Senator Nick Xenophon confirmed as UK citizen, labels dual citizenship scandal 'festering farce'

The Advertiser - August 20, 2017

The South Australian political heavyweight's future hangs on a High Court ruling after he discovered last night he is a dual Australian-British citizen by descent, as a result of his father emigrating to Australia from a British territory. Senator ...and more »

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Tasmanian grapes tested for devastating pinot virus

The Mercury - August 20, 2017

Grapevine pinot gris virus has been found in NSW and South Australia after first being identified overseas in 2012. The virus most commonly affects varieties including pinot noir and pinot gris, which make up more than half of Tasmania's $36 million crop.and more »

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