About Me

I was elected to the Senate in the 2016 Federal Election and enter this role as someone who has worked for and operated businesses of all sizes for over 40 years and who has directly employed and mentored many hundreds of people.

Born and raised in South Australia, I live in Adelaide with my wife, Kristin, and the youngest of my four children. 

My first interaction with Nick Xenophon was as CEO of the Retail Traders Association (RTA) in Adelaide, the peak industry body for the retail industry. The RTA was the only business group that supported Nick when he argued that deregulating South Australia’s electricity assets would lead to higher electricity prices. Unfortunately, it did. 

I have also worked in banking, publishing and retail marketing, and for many years owned and ran retail stores in WA, SA and VIC. Throughout these various careers I developed a strong interest in the value of community and a strong drive for positive community change. 

I describe myself as a political centrist, to the right on issues affecting small business, and to the left on many social issues.

I want Australia to be a country that puts an end to predatory gambling, takes better care of its elderly, and where electoral reforms ensure truth and transparency in advertising and financial disclosure for political parties. I also want to see government take responsibility for providing and running essential utilities such as electricity, water, gas and federally, the NBN.

With the extensive business and community experience I bring to this role, I am looking forward to help re-balance the political agenda.