Making palliative care a national health priority
7 February 2018
Australia lacks enough quality palliative care, and I hope to see this situation improve.
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Looking back on a successful year - and ahead to a better one
5 February 2018
With the first sitting day of the new parliamentary year today, it's an appropriate time to reflect on the year now past and our focus...
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Government to produce Manus Island service and construction documents
7 December 2017
My motion, below, was successful (28 v 26 votes), which means the Government will need to produce documentation it has with its Manus Island contractors,...
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14 September 2017
NXT has negotiated a substantial package of media reforms we believe will help media - particularly smaller and regional publishers - thrive in today's challenging environment.
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Childhood cancer funding
4 September 2017
September is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
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Rare Cancers Urgently Need More Funding
21 June 2017
The Senate today backed my motion for the Government to urgently put more funding into research for the 186 rare and less common cancers which...
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Contractors not paid for NBN work
6 April 2017
The Joint Standing Committee on the National Broadband Network heard evidence today that many contractors have not been paid for months! This issue relates mainly...
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The hidden cost keeping your health insurance premiums high
30 March 2017
On April 1, the one-in-two Australians who have private health insurance will start paying higher premiums. It is a familiar annual ritual.
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